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Welcome to the DASIL website and your international dermatologic and aesthetic surgery society. DASIL has grown in strength and stature over the past 4 years and to the point that the profession considers DASIL as one of, if not the premier international dermatologic surgery teaching and mentoring society in the world.

We also want everyone to know that DASIL is the most transparent international dermatologic surgery society in the world. For example, the DASIL members choose our Nominating Committee. They choose the recommended candidates for the Board and for our Officers. In addition, the members are the ones who elect the DASIL leadership. Since we are incorporated in the US as a not for profit organization we must adhere to all of the laws associated with such organizations. An outside auditing firm reviews our financial records annually. We encourage working committees and project teams whose members we believe will gain leadership experience and become future leaders of DASIL. We are confident that everything that we do is above board. Most importantly, none of the participants or leaders receive any compensation for their work on behalf of DASIL.

DASIL is YOU – the dermatologic or plastic surgeon that is interested in working with the finest docs from all over the world.

DASIL is YOU – the dermatologic or plastic surgeon who wants to be involved in teaching and mentoring to our younger colleagues.

DASIL is YOU – the dermatologic or plastic surgeon who wants to work with colleagues from around the world by teaching and socializing to learn everyone’s culture and unique needs.

DASIL is YOU. Join us for our 5th Annual Congress – DASIL Dubai: October 19-23, 2016.

Michael Gold, MD

DASIL 5th Annual Congress

Save The Date: October 19-23, 2016

New DASIL Membership Benefit

With the generous underwriting by Prollenium Medical Technologies, Inc. (Aurora, Canada), DASIL has entered into an agreement with the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) to adopt the journal Dermatologic Surgery as its official scientific publication. Under the co-sponsorship agreement, all active DASIL members will receive subscriptions to the journal. Thanks to the generosity of Prollenium Medical Technologies, Inc., these subscriptions will be provided as a benefit of membership, at no charge, to all DASIL members.

Learn more about ASDS Dermatologic Surgery journal.

Learn more about Prollenium Medical Technologies, Inc.

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