DASIL Mission

The Mission of the Dermatology, Aesthetics, and Surgery  International League (DASIL) is to create a global community for the open exchange of knowledge and innovation by physicians specializing in Dermatologic and Aesthetic Surgery. Through our ongoing educational activities and by establishing a higher standard of care, people living around the world will benefit from safer, more effective dermatologic and aesthetics treatments.

DASIL Vision

DASIL will accomplish its mission through a series of grand strategies which will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. Cooperate and partner with all national organizations that subscribe to and support DASIL’s mission.
  2. Encourage and promote the highest possible care of patients on a worldwide basis.
  3. Promote and support collegial relationships worldwide among those physicians and surgeons who practice dermatologic and aesthetic surgery with all other members of the healthcare team who participate in and support this form of patient care.
  4. Be an open and welcoming organization for all members of the healthcare practice team through DASIL membership and provision of meaningful continuing educational experiences.
  5. Encourage the growth and development of national societies that will represent similar practitioners.
  6. Operate and manage DASIL in an open, transparent and democratic manner for its members and for the public.
  7. Ensure that future generations of leaders of these practioner types worldwide will have values that are consistent and aligned with the mission of the DASIL. The planned Mentoring program will be the core element and focal point by which this will be accomplished.

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