DASIL Organizational Values

  1. There will be transparency for all governance activities, planning and decision making.
  2. Leadership selection will be done through an open, democratic process that will include broad based and represented member participation.
  3. Term and limits of service will be applied to all DASIL leadership positions.
  4. Younger members will be a priority and will be encouraged and will be prepared for and expected to assume leadership roles in DASIL and in their national societies
  5. DASIL will be an open and welcoming organization and will promote membership to physicians and surgeons committed to patient care through improvement of their appearance as a means of improving the patients’ quality of life.
  6. DASIL’s scope is international and thus there is no bias or preferential treatment for any of the various regions of the world.
  7. Committees and other organizational units will be created on the basis of need. When that need is satisfied the unit will be disbanded and its members thanked for their service and accomplishments.
  8. The functions and outcomes of each organizational unit will be evaluated at least annually.
  9. All committees, task forces, or project teams established by the Board of Directors will have a mission statement that aligns with DASIL’s mission and at least one of its vision statements.
  10. Leaders of the organization will be accountable to the membership for all of their activities as leaders.
  11. The DASIL activities will be driven by a written and prioritized strategic plan and an annual operations plan that is reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors. These plans will be made available to all members and the public.
  12. The results of the strategic and annual operational plans will be evaluated on an annual basis through the use of a systematic, objective and written instrument that will be available to all of the members.

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