Tatjana Pavicic, MD
DASIL President

As DASIL President, I’m extremely happy and honored to welcome you to one of the most active international societies―The Dermatology, Aesthetics, and Surgery International League.

Although I had to wait for two extra years as DASIL President-Elect to start my presidency―as we all had to interrupt our live activities and meetings due to the pandemic―it turns out we all have benefited from personal, professional, and organizing challenges and rich learning experience during this difficult period.

Yes, I’ve missed traveling, visiting different parts of the globe, meeting my friends and colleagues from all over the world. But due to being “caught” at home, I had a chance to bring my son almost every morning into the school! That's something I wouldn’t even have imagined before.

I’ve always used video calls to keep in touch with my family during my travel, but using FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, and the likes to organize meetings and conferences with a few thousand participants and provide most recent scientific developments and even virtual “hands-on trainings”―who would even dreamed about that three years ago?

The challenge for the next years―not only for DASIL as a scientific society, but for our entire world―will be how to bring the best from both worlds together.

As a non-profit society, we are glad to be able to provide knowledge and support for doctors from all over the world and at different stages of their professional career. We are proud to have specially dedicated trainings and support programs for doctors from developing countries―those young colleagues, who mostly do not have a chance or financial means to travel to international meetings.

We at DASIL offer different opportunities for these young, talented, ambitious colleagues―traveling grants, free registration, full Congress packages, and chances to present a poster or give a talk on a podium at our annual meetings, as well as participate in our virtual webinars and trainings without any need of traveling and losing valuable time with their own patients.

DASIL members not only have additional free access to different scientific journals like Dermatologic Surgery but, due to the particular character of an international non-profit scientific society, to meet and chat with world leading experts in a family-like atmosphere.

At the beginning of my career and as a former war refugee from  Bosnia, something that was the most fascinating for me was the opportunity to meet and even become friends with people who have invented Mohs surgery, botulinum toxin use for aesthetics, fractional lasers and other big inventions in the field of medical dermatology, aesthetics, and surgery. And now, I myself am a President of one of the most active international interdisciplinary societies―Dermatology, Aesthetics, and Surgery International League.

My message for all my colleagues―young or old, less or more experienced, from poor or rich countries―don’t miss the opportunity to join us as DASIL member, chat with us through digital media, or let us all meet together in Bangkok for our next DASIL Annual World Congress, October 26-28, 2023!

Maybe one day you will write these lines as a new President of this wonderful society.

Michael H. Gold, MD
DASIL Meeting Coordinator

We hope that everyone has remained safe and we hope that your families are all safe and well.  While we did not get to travel very much in 2020-2021, we still were able to continue the DASIL mission of teaching physicians from all over the world, albeit from a virtual setting.  And if you joined us for any of our webinars, I am sure that you will agree with me that we achieved our goals and met our mission – all with style and grace.  A big special thanks to Dr. George Martin, our DASIL President, who has led us through the pandemic and continues to lead us to wonderful new heights. We also want to make a big shout out and thank you to LogiVent, our media partner, who are the best of the best in helping us plan and execute all that we do with DASIL.

As we being traveling again, being with our friends and colleagues, and getting back to the “live” meeting concept,  DASIL will continue innovative teaching and reaching out to everyone to strengthen all of our skills.

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