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Assembly of National Affiliated Societies (ANAS)

The Assembly of National Affiliated Societies (ANAS) is one of three core organizational units of DASIL. The others are the Board of Directors and the Council of Corporate Advisors (CCA).

The ANAS mission is to provide a forum for exchange of knowledge and information between national societies that share and support the DASIL mission and vision as well as to provide a direct link and information channel to the other core organizational units. In this manner, national societies have open access and participation in the overall governance of DASIL.

Joining ANAS

There is no financial obligation or any risk associated with becoming an affiliated society with DASIL. Further, affiliation with DASIL will in no way diminish the independence of action by the national society now or in the future. The Society retains all of its independence. First, the organization’s mission and vision must align with that of DASIL: to create a global community for the open exchange of knowledge and innovation by physicians specializing in Dermatologic and Aesthetic Surgery. Second, the national society’s governance board must approve sending a letter to the DASIL Headquarters Office requesting such affiliation and indicating that there is official governing board approval of such affiliation. Third, the national society must select its official ANAS representative and notify DASIL of the process for selection as well as the term and length of service of the selected representative.

Benefits to National Societies

The national society’s affiliation with DASIL will allow the Society to benefit from the DASIL Mentoring program and other DASIL-related educational and teaching activities. Additionally, the national society will have a direct link to the international arena of the dermatologic and aesthetic surgery profession and will be able to provide direct input into DASIL programs, educational events and projects.

Scope of Duties

Any matter or issue that an affiliated national society is concerned with can be brought to ANAS for discussion, sharing of experience and action. The shared knowledge base represented in the ANAS can help individual societies by sharing knowledge and experience that is considered appropriate for the issue or matter. The matter can be clinical, organizational or any other issue that has relevance to a national society. Additionally, ANAS will provide an educational forum to disseminate information and knowledge that will enable the affiliated national societies to grow and become more effective organizations through mentoring and the provision of expert guidance with organizational issues.

Structure and Governance

Presently, each affiliated organization has one representative in ANAS. The Assembly has three officers: Chairperson, Vice Chair and Secretary. Each officer serves a fixed one-year term in each and rotates through each officer position. The officers have slotted voting positions on the DASIL Board of Directors. The officers are elected by secret written ballot of ANAS representatives of the affiliated national societies. Once an officer has rotated through the officer positions he/she may not be nominated to repeat the rotation for at least three years.

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