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Awards and Honors Committee

Type: Board

Reports To: Board of Directors

Composition: Three DASIL Fellows who are current in dues payments at the time of their appointment

Terms Members & Chair: Three year terms staggered between member.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Establish criteria for all Board approved special awards and honors
  2. Review proposals to issue awards and honors for certain individuals. Such review will be based on the criteria and qualifications approved at the time of the creation of the award or honor or since amended.
  3. Make recommendations for making awards and honors to certain individuals fto the Board of Directors which will have final approval of making the award or honor.
  4. Propose as may be necessary changes to the criteria for existing awards or honors to the Board of Directors for the Board’s review and final approval of such changes.
  5. Initiate proposals for new awards and honors as may be deemed as needed and appropriate.

Current Chair:

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