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Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee

Type: Standing

Reports To: Board of Directors

Composition: Six (6) DASIL Fellows none of whom are members of the Board of Directors and are current DASIL members whose annual dues are current and paid.

Terms Members & Chair: Each member shall a staggered three year term. The Chairman shall be selected from the two most senior members of the Committee.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Establish and maintain the DASIL Code of Professional Conduct for DASIL members. The Code and any changes shall be approved by the Board of Directors.
  2. Review complaints on members accused of violating the Code.
  3. Establish procedures for the submission of complaints
  4. Function as a Court of Inquiry for complaints that meet criteria for such inquires.
  5. Recommend to the Board of Directors any disciplinary action the Board should take against a member found to be in violation of the DASIL Code.
  6. Develop and maintain administrative procedures for the Inquiry procedures for the Committee and for the Board.
  7. Periodically review the Code and solicit input from the membership as to what in the Code may be needed to be changed.

Current Chair:

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