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Corporate Advisory Council Charges

Mission Statement

The Council shall be a forum by which DASIL leadership and industry representatives can present requests and suggestions to the other. Such interaction could consist of improving interaction between members, industry and DASIL governance units. Membership and attendance at Council meetings will be permitted to all sponsors and exhibitors at the DASIL Annual Congress. Interaction could occur during the year when the Annual Congress is not in session.

Scope of Discussions and Interactions

  1. Making the Annual Congresses more effective and efficient
  2. Identify potential strategic issues that both DASIL and Industry could research, investigate and possibly take certain positions that will benefit DASIL members and their patients.
  3. Identify issues that affect Congress exhibitors and develop solutions that will be of benefit to industry and will be consistent with DASIL’s mission.
  4. Develop policies and procedures that will have a positive impact on continuing and new relations between DASIL and related Industry.

Meetings and Interactions

  1. The Council shall meet at least once a year during the annual DASIL Congress
  2. Provide a page on the DASIL website dedicated to the Council. The page will contain information on the Council’s activities, and will provide a means of interaction between Council members throughout the year.

Structure and Organization

  1. The Council will report to the DASIL Board of Directors
  2. The Council will be composed of the following:
    • DASIL President and President-Elect
    • One member from each of the Board’s three classes (term of tenure)
    • One industry representative for each sponsor at the Annual Congress shall be eligible to attend and participate in the Council meeting.
    • Industry representatives may choose uo to four (4) members to serve on their behalf at Council meetings.
  3. The Council Chairs shall consist of two Co-Chairs as follows:
    • DASIL President-Elect
    • One representative from Industry selected by Industry Council members
  4. Industry members of the Council shall be chosen and elected by Industry members. Criteria for such selection and nomination shall be determined by the Co-Chairs and two (2) representatives from Industry.
  5. Meetings during the year, when the Annual Congress is not meeting may occur if it is determined that there is a need for such a meeting.

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