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Congress Program Committee

Type: Board

Reports To: Executive Director & President

Composition: Executive Director and President as Co-Chairs with defined areas of duties and responsibilities

  1. Three DASIL Fellows serving staggered three year terms
  2. Three DASIL fellows from the host country serving until the Congress in their country concludes
DASIL Fellows shall be current in dues payments at the time of their appointments

Terms Members & Chair: See above

Duties and Responsibilities:

The overall scope and responsibility of the Committee shall be as follows:

  1. Design and organize the scientific program of the Congress
  2. Develop the social program aspects of the Congress
The following details the duties and responsibilities of the various committee members:
  1. President and DASIL Fellows – Designs and organizes the scientific program portion of the Congress including faculty recruitment
  2. Executive Director and President
    1. Prior to negotiation of honoraria and reimbursement the co-chairs will reach a consensus as to the amount of honoraria and reimbursement of expenses for those speakers who will receive same.
    2. Establishes an overall calendar for the Congress including but not limited to Pre-Meeting planning, Pre-Congress scientific activities, activities during the Congress and any post-Congress scientific activities.
    3. Reviews on an annual basis the DASIL Administrative Procedure by which DASIL will receive proposals for future Congresses and evaluate them.
    4. Subsequent to a review of proposals received for future Congresses presents the Committee’s recommendation to the Board of Directors for review. Final approval of the site of future Congresses will be the responsibility of the DASIL Board of Directors
  3. Executive Director – The following details and defines the scope of authority, duties and responsibilities of the Executive Director with respect the Congress:
    1. Manages, coordinates and negotiates all supplier and vendor contracts related to the Congress scientific and social program. This includes but is not limited to meeting venue hotels offered, room rates, audio-visual equipment, technician services, required staff to support the meeting and social program venues.
    2. Manages all advanced Congress registration and hotel reservations for registrants.
    3. Manages and supervises all on-site staff assignments
    4. Assembles, processes and reports the results of the attendee evaluations of the scientific program. Reports results of the evaluations to the Board of Directors and succeeding Congress Scientific Committees.
    5. Reviews written proposals submitted from requesting organizations. Assesses all proposals received for future Congresses will be based upon the following criteria:
      1. Projected revenues from registration fees, exhibit fees, sponsorships, grants and all other revenues
      2. Projected expenses for faculty honoraria, hotel expenses, travel expenses and all other expenses associated with the scientific portion of the Congress
      3. The measure of the profit yield for each Congress will be on the basis of 1/3 of the annual DASIL operating budget
      4. Projections shall be supported by past Congress experience, of similar meetings in the proposed host country. To document prior experience of such meetings, all proposals shall contain the following information in order to be considered for review and assessment as a possible venue:
        • Details on the prior three meetings shall include listed by year (a) Total registered physicians, (b) Total registered guests, (c) total paid exhibits, (d) gross exhibit revenues by company, total value of grants received by company
        • Copies of the three meeting materials detailed above
        • Faculty list with information on honoraria paid and expenses and amount reimbursed to faculty members
  4. Host country Fellows
    1. Recommend to the Committee possible social program venues for the Congress occurring in their home country.
    2. Discusses possible sites with the Managing Director prior to presentation for review and approval by the Committee.

Current Chair:

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