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Local Program and Social Events Committee

Type: Board

Reports To: Managing Director and Congress Program Committee Is advisory only

Composition: All members of this committee shall be residents and citizens of the Host country, and shall be members of DASIL. Three members as follows:

  1. Senior Fellow – Potential Honorary Congress chairperson
  2. Mid-career fellow age 45 – 55
  3. Young Fellow age 35 - 44

Terms Members & Chair: Terms shall conclude with the end of the Congress in their country

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Members shall recommend various possible social program venues for the Congress that will occur in their home country
  2. Managing Director – Establishes profit margins plus appropriate price parameters for all local and social events.
  3. Managing Director – Incorporates venues that meet price parameters into the social program and includes programs selected into the overall Congress budget.
  4. Managing Director – Negotiates all contracts, agreements and logistical arrangements related to the Social Program portion of the Congress.

Current Chair:

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